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                Adjustable heavy pallet racking
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                Adjustable heavy pallet racking is the most popular and universal storage system. It can help you store pallets regularly and maximize the utilization rate of your warehouse, to make your warehouse concise, tidy and beautiful. Pallet racking can also be easily assembled, disassembled, expanded, moved or increased beams. It's very convenient and flexible for your use.


                 Some characters of adjustable heavy pallet racking:
                1. Material: High quality Q235
                2. Length: 1000~3000mm. 2300mm and 2700mm is widely used.
                  Width: 800~1500mm.
                  Height: 1000~9000mm
                  Layers of beam: 2~6 layers
                3. Load capacity: 1~5 ton per layer, customized
                4. The height of layer can be adjusted in every 75mm interval.
                5. Surface treatment: Play steel sand to intensify the structure, Electrostactic powder coating.       orange, blue, yellow, other color is available

                Our upright specification: 80*60mm, 80*70mm, 90*70mm, 100*70mm, 120*70mm with “Ω”shape.

                Our beam specification: 80*40/50mm, 100*40/50mm, 120*40/50mm, 130*50mm, 140*50mm, 150*50mm, 160*50mm


                Safety Bar on beams

                Wire mesh on beams

                Feet protection

                Row spacer

                Guard bar


                Removable base plate


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