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                Cantilever racking
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                Cantilever racking has stable structure and good loading capacity. It's mainly used to store long or irregular items, such as pipes, lumbers and cars. The arm's length and heigh can be increased and adjusted freely. Unlike conventional steel construction, it can be easily installed and dismantled without any welding or cutting. We can provide various upright height, arm length( single or double sides) to give you an ideal solution for your warehouse.


                Cantilever racking specification:
                1. Material: High quality Q235.
                2. Uprights section: Double C type 90mm pitch for height adjustment.
                3. Box beam : Double C type, 120*90mm,/140*90mm,/150*90*2.0mm, 160*90*2.0/2.5mm, 180*90*2.5/3.0mm, 200*90/220*90*3.0mm
                4. Load capacity: can up to maximum 100~2000kg/level.
                5. General size:
                   Length: 500~1800mm
                   Depth: 500~4000mm
                   Height: 1000~7000mm
                   Layers of beam: 3~8 layers
                   Size can be customized!
                6. Surface treatment: Play steel sand to intensify the structure, Electrostactic powder coating.       orange, blue, yellow, other color is available


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