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                Mezzanine, is also called multilayer racking. It adds second or third level to create more utilization space. Unlike traditional steel construction, it can be easily assembled, disassembled, expanded, moved or modified for future needs. Combined with various accessories, such as staircase, hand rail, even hydraulic elevators. All types of mezzanine can be easily installed and dismantled without any welding or cutting.


                Basic information for inquiry about mezzanine:

                1. Can you give me 2D drawings about your warehouse since we want to know the specific position of doors, pillars, restrooms, fire-hydrant cabinets and some other barriers?
                2. Can you tell me how many mezzanine floors do you want and the specific height of each floor(for example, we basically recommend two floors, the first floor's height is 2.8m and the second floor's height is 2.2m)?
                3. Can you tell me how many layers you want in the mezzanine racking( for example, according to above height, in the first floor, we usually design 6 layers of beams, and in the second floor, we usually design 5 layers of beams)?
                4. Please also tell me the maximum loading capacity of each layer and floor( for example, for each layer, we set 300kg for L2000*W600 area. And for each floor, we set 300kg/M2. It can also be customized. )


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